I’m not the biggest winter person (even tough I’m born in January), but if there’s one thing I love about winter it’s BOOTS! I have an obsession! However, I know that shopping for good winter boots can be quite hard. After all, you want shoes that are cute and keep you warm at the same time. My friends often ask me what boots I recommend and I thought it might interest you as well, so here are my favorites: 



When it comes to over the knee boots, I can totally recommend investing in the Stuart Weitzman boots! I already own 4 pairs of them and they are worth every penny! But to be honest, If you’re like me and you’re feet are always freezing they aren’t the best winter suitable option. The sole really isn’t that thick, but if you buy yourself some warm inlays they work perfectly for winter! 


Stuart Weitzman






If you are searching for a more affordable option I can recommend Sam Edelman. I have a light grey pair which I really love as well! 


Sam Edelman 




I really feel like Moonboots are the boots to invest in this winter! They have been around for quite some time, but I feel like they are having a come back. I bought myself two pairs last winter and I wore them even more than I thought I would. Also their pricing is quite okay, ranging between 100 and 200 Euros. For the quality and the level of comfort they offer, I feel like that’s totally acceptable! They are also doing a collaboration with Moncler and I’m eyeing up a pair of them as well! 





Moncler x Moonboots 




Speaking of Moncler, which is definitely by far my favorite brand for winter clothing, I have to show you these ankle boots as well. I only invested in a pair a few weeks ago and I can’t wait to wear them, they are so comfortable and they are really cute as well! They come in a variety of color combos, so I feel like there is one for everybody. 






I feel like it’s impossible to write about winter boots without mentioning the brand Ugg. Some find them super ugly, some like them. I must admit that even though I see that they are not the prettiest boots ever, they really make up for it in the comfort department. When I have to go out on a cold winter day I enjoy nothing more than grabbing my Uggs, since I know that they’ll keep me warm and comfortable. 






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