Do you enjoy seeing other people’s favorite purchases? I always do! I think it’s so interesting to see what other people loved purchasing, so I thought i’d round up my favorite purchases of the year 2018 for you! 



While I love splurging on handbags, shoes and accessories, I normally tend to buy more affordable clothing. In 2018 I invested in an Balmain blazer and it’s sure to say it’s one of my favorite purchases of the year! I also really got into white t-shirts with designer logo prints. But I also bought quite a lot of affordable clothing that I really enjoyed. Here are my favorite clothing items of 2018, that I’d definitely repurchase again: 


Designer Clothing


Affordable Clothing




Accessories are definitely my sweet spot and thus I really enjoy investing into designer pieces. If I had to name one brand that stood out in 2018 it would definitely be Dior. I bought quite a few bags, shoes and sunglasses from Dior and I don’t regret a single purchase. The Diorama is definitely my favorite bag atm, but I also really love the Lady Dior! When it comes to shoes I really love the Dior slingback’s, they are so comfortable! 

Another brand that really stood out in 2018 is Cartier! Their jewelry is stunning, but what a lot of people don’t really know is that Cartier makes amazing sunglasses! I got a bit obsessed and bought FOUR (yes, you’ve read that right) of their sunglasses! I know they are a splurge, but they are totally worth the investment and are honestly the best sunglasses I’ve ever had! 

While Dior and Cartier are the brands I purchased the most of, I also got so many other things from great brands like Valentino, Burberry, Balenciaga and Saint Laurent. 





I’m not one of those beauty obsessed girls that tries a million different products. If I buy something and I like it, I tend to buy it again again! That said I honestly only wanted to show you the beauty products that I’ve repurchased or will be repurchasing again. 

I have super dry skin and a life-saver in 2018 has definitely been the Dior Capture Youth Glow Booster Serum. That said the Dior Plump Filler Serum on the other had hasn’t worked for me at all. The orange Glow Booster one although is so great for my skin and I’m currently using it daily! I know it’s super expensive, but a little goes a long way! Another product I love is the Dyson Airwrap. I haven’t used my blowdryer, curling wand or straightener ever since I got it and my hair is so much healthier since using it! I will definitely write a more in-depth blogpost about this tool soon. But I also have a few other beauty products I’ll link for you, which I absolutely love. 




I hope you enjoyed my favorite purchases of 2018! Can’t wait to do some damage in 2019! 😛 



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