When I think of headbands I instantly think of Blair Waldorf aka Queen B! Who can relate? #gossipgirlfan It seemed like she always had the perfect headband for every occasion! I myself haven’t worn a headband since I was 13! I actually wore a headband almost every single day from the age 11 to 13 – ask my family and friends! I had so many different styles and colors – I was literally obsessed. Back then, a headband was my signature accessory! I’m 24 now and haven’t tried on let alone bought a headband ever since. However, it seems that headbands are havening a comeback! Whether it’s high-end designer brands like Prada and Dior or high-street brands – everyone’s bringing them out and I have to say I actually really like this trend and had to get myself a headband. I wouldn’t go as far as wearing it every single day, but from now on I’ll definitely incorporate this hair-accessory more often. I personally wouldn’t invest in a luxury headband though tbh. There are so many cute and affordable styles available on the high-street that look just as amazing as the designer options. Whether you want to get a luxe-option or one that doesn’t break the bank – channel your inner Queen B and give this headband trend a try! I’m sure you won’t regret it!  

I bought this headband in H&M – it was only 8 Euros and it comes in a few different colors. 

Some other favorite high-street headbands:

Designer headbands I like:


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